The best Imperial and metric framing squares and woodworking squares

It Makes the Difficult Seem Routine

  • With a Chappell Universal Framing Square, even complex roofs become a breeze.

Imperial and metric framing squares and woodworking squares
Stainless Steel & Precision milled

Built to Last

  • Stainless Steel Construction - Will Not Rust.
  • Deeply Etched Markings - Will Withstand Abuse.
  • Guaranteed to be square within .003".
  • The Chappell Universal Square Will Last a Lifetime.

Unequal pitched roof and polygon rafter tables

Groundbreaking New Tables

  • Our Patented new tables unlock the secrets of compound roof systems

cabinet makers bench square

Cabinet Makers Bench Squares

No matter what the marking or layout situation—from large scale compound roof systems, to the most minute and intricate furniture and cabinetry layout—there is a Chappell Universal Square that is right for you.

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Quality tools and craftsmanship go hand in hand, Chappell Universal Square delivers American ingenuity born from experience.

The best framing square available

ur mission when we set out to develop this square was to make a solid, durable, and accurate square that would provide long-term value to the carpenter not only through many years of use, but also through expanded creativity. It is our belief that we hit the mark, and believe you will agree once you’ve used the Chappell Universal Square. We will even back this up with a 90 day money back guarantee. If you feel that it does not live up to the claim as the Best Square in the Universe, simply send it back and we’ll send you a complete refund. Most of all, I hope the new square helps you to become more creative. —Steve Chappell

What Sets Us Apart
Supports U.S. Manufacturing

Made in USA logo

U.S. Stainless Steel

We are committed to Sourcing and Manufacturing all of our products here, in the USA.

Increased Versatility

Patented New Tables

Our new Patented Rafter Tables give an extraordinary amount of information (length, angular and rotational), most of which has never been available on a framing square.

First Time on Framing Square

Unequal Pitched Tables

For the first time ever on a framing square we have included tables for unequal pitched roofs. With all the same innovative information as our Equal Pitched Tables.

First Time on Framing Square

Polygon Tables

Also a first on a framing square are our innovative Polygon Tables. These also include the same comprehensive amount of information as our equal pitched tables.

Sim Ayers

Owner, SBE Builders, Discovery Bay, CA
The information printed on the Chappell Master Framing Square makes the Construction Master Calculator look like an apprentice roof framing calculator.

Joe Carola

Owner, J Carola Const. Inc., Caldwell, NJ
There is no excuse not to buy one. It’s like comparing using a handsaw to a circular saw. Compare this to a normal framing square…there is no comparison. It’s that simple!

A Framing Square for the 21st Century