Equal Pitched Tables

Expanded Hip & Valley Rafter Tables

The Chappell Universal Square incorporates expanded equal pitched tables that give 17 key values including:

  • Common rafter length per unit of run.
  • Difference in lengths of jack rafters per unit of spacing.
  • Top cut of jack rafters.
  • Length of Hip & Valley rafters per unit of common run.
  • Difference in length of jack purlins per unit of spacing.
  • Top cut of jack purlins.
  • Sheathing angle offset per 1 unit.
  • Depth of backing & bevel angles per unit of hip or valley width.
  • Housing angle of purlin to hip or valley.
  • Hip & Valley side layout angle to purlin header.
  • Housing angle of hip or valley to principal (common rafter) and horizontal plate.
  • Working plane top of hip or valley.
  • Purlin/Frieze Side cut angle. Fascia miter angle.
  • Hip & Valley backing angles.
  • Jack rafter and purlin top cut saw angle.
  • Fascia/Frieze bevel angles.

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