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Stainless Steel

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One of our goals when we started this company was to have all of our products Sourced and Made in the USA.  We felt that was especially important for two reasons.

      If we were going to make a high quality Framing Square for the American builder, then we should do our part to help out the American worker.  Keeping the jobs we create right here in the USA.
      Committing to being Made in the USA also allowed us to be sure we were using only the best materials, and technologies available anywhere in the world.  Stainless Steel was chosen to ensure our tools would be both beautiful and durable


Today we are proud to say, the Chappell Universal Square is the only Stainless Steel framing square Made in the USA.  We believe that it lives up to our claim as The Best Square in the Universe.

Stainless Steel – the green material PDF