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Metric Center-Rule Bench Square Set

We are processing a limited run of Metric Squares. Pre Orders are now being taken. Reserve your set TODAY so you don't miss out.
Product Details

A Limited production run of the Chappell Universal Metric Center-Rule Bench Squares is NOW in Process. Pre Orders are now being taken, so don't miss out, reserve your set TODAY!

Set of 3 Includes:

  • Model #810-M Metric Gauging Square
    Specs: body 25mm x 100mm, tongue 25mm x 80mm.
  • Model #1624-M Metric Center-Rule Bench Square
    Specs: body 40mm x 240mm, tongue 25mm x 160mm
  • Model #2030-M Metric Center-Rule Bench Square
    Specs: body 40mm x 300mm, tongue 25mm x 200mm.

The #810-M Gauging Square is the ideal square to keep in your back pocket for the multitude of tasks that require a precision, metric-ruled square, and also to gauge the squareness and set true 90 degree angles on all of your cutting or routing tools—in or out of the shop. At the end of a long day, the 810-M also proves to be the perfect bottle opener for your favorite beverage of choice, which can then be slipped right back into your back pocket for the next task at hand.

The #1624-M and #2030-M, each have a center-rule scale along both the body and tongue, allowing for a quick change from zero point to center point layout with the same tool, and on-the-fly. Both blade width and lengths are in true metric sizes to facilitate even the most intricate layout.

Adding a set of Chappell Universal Metric Bench Squares to your tool collection will prove to become a treasured heirloom item that will be passed down to many future generations.

Don't Miss Out! — Order your 3 Piece set of Metric Chappell Universal Center-Rule Bench Squares TODAY!

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