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Traveler Complete Layout Set

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Product Details

Product Details

Bundle these 3 great items together and save!

• The Traveler is a perfectly sized framing square and the preferred tool in our shop for all but the largest of layouts. The Traveler measures 18 inches on the body and 12 inches on the tongue. You will find yourself reaching for this versatile and valuable layout tool. Complete with the same patented tables as the Master Framer. The perfect size for projects big or small. Stows safely and easily. Precision milled from 304 stainless steel with beautiful deeply etched markings. Made in the USA for a lifetime of use

• Indispensable in layout, these 12" Flexible Center Rules are made from .029” stainless steel and are flexible enough to work on round logs and uneven surfaces. The front sides have a decimal inch scale divided in the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 inch, with minor divisions in .05". The scales on top and bottom start from opposite zero points, allowing the rule to be worked from either side without flipping it over and reading upside down.

• Made in the USA. The Chappell 25 foot tape measure is scaled in decimal inches (.05" increments). This allows for effortless and precise transfer from CAD or calculator directly to your project. Guaranteed to make your layout more precise and avoid frustrating conversion errors.

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