Unequal Pitched Tables

For the First Time on a Framing Square

The Chappell Universal Square provides for the first time, comprehensive unequal pitched tables that include:

  • Hip and Valley pitch in inches of rise per unit of run.
  • Hip and Valley pitches in degrees.
  • Difference in length of runs side A to side B.
  • Length of Hip or Valley per unit of common run.
  • Difference in length of jack purlins per unit of spacing.
  • Top Cut of purlin.
  • Difference in length of jack rafters per unit of spacing.
  • Top Cut angle of jack rafters.
  • Backing and bevel angles in degrees.
  • Top Cut saw angles for jack rafters and purlins.
  • Purlin/Frieze side face layout angle.
  • Fascia miter angle.
  • Housing angle of purlins to hip or valley.
  • Side layout angle hip & valley to purlin header.
  • Fascia/Frieze bevel angle for rafter tails cut at 90°.

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