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The best woodworking squares

Our mission when we developed these woodworking squares was to make beautiful, durable, and accurate squares of the highest possible quality from the finest materials. We believe that we hit the mark.  These woodworking squares are sure to provide long-term value to any carpenter, furniture maker, or cabinetmaker through their many years of use. We believe you will agree once you’ve used our Chappell woodworking squares.

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9″ x 12″ Center Square
6″ x 9″ Center Square
3″ x 4″ Gauging Square
Woodworking Squares

•  The model #912-S16 Center Square has a body 1-1/2″ x 12″ and a tongue 1″ x 9″. Both body and tongue front and back have conventional 16th-inch scales on the edges and a center rule scale along the center of each leg.

•  The Chappell #68-S16 Center Square offers a slightly smaller size (which frequently comes in handy) for marking and layout. Identical in all ways other than the size to the #912, the Model #68-S Center Square has a body 1-1/2″ x 9″ and a tongue 1″ x 6″.

•  The model #34-S16 Guaging Square has a body 1″ x 4″ and a tongue 1″ x 3″. The #34-S is ideal for intricate layout and also for setting both circular saws and table saw blades to a perfect 90 degrees.



No shortcuts are taken in the production of Chappell Squares.  All materials and processes were meticulously chosen because they provided the highest quality product for you the consumer.  We hope you will enjoy these beautiful yet powerful tools as much as we do.  

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Here are some more of the features that set us apart.


Deeply Etched

• All of our squares are deeply etched for outstanding clarity and durability.  Our photochemical etching process produces stunning results far superior in quality to other current technologies used by our competitors such as laser etching or stamping.

Precision Milled

• Our squares are all individually machined to exacting tolerances on CNC milling machines. This allows for precise control of our end product and provides a superior finished edge.

Stainless Steel

• All Chappell squares are made from 304 Stainless steel. This ensures your square will be non-marking in use while providing a long service life that will retain an attractive, clean finish.


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